How to get american Netflix in Canada

A few years ago Netflix came to Chile, the company’s CEO Reed Hastings offered then Movies, Series, Documentaries Concerts and through a monthly subscription of $ 8 avatarhoy 5 years come to write this short article on how to get american netflix: is known Netflix Free has revolutionized the way Watching Online Content, but in the beginning, only a small percentage of Chileans elected, this may be because in Latin America, streaming technology is relatively new, the currently only one party knows its meaning and what are its different uses, but yet a large percentage of the population chose a membership contract.


Free Netflix an advertising success.

Netflix in Chile during the first 2 years, you would have received a minimum number of subscribers, which would have led the company to hire advertising campaigns on major TV media trans-Andean country together with his repeated advertising in Adwords and affiliate sites.

The issue is that several years after the landing of the corporation in the Strait Country Chile Free Netflix Us: how can you get american netflix  has managed to get some commercial success as one of 20 Chilean netflix today knows and has used it at least once, this is a large number if we consider that the company has no streaming gives in Chile.


Finally a recent study estimates that Netflix users were growing in mass after the company has achieved a great deal that allowed him to include your application by default on all lines of televisions Smart tv and in many cases without the possibility uninstall, this forced many users to at least use the service for free for 30 days offering the promotion.